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We want your visit to be efficient, professional, and timely. Checking these steps will ensure you have enough time with your provider to answer all your questions.

1. As a new patient, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your initial visit so we can complete the registration process without running into your scheduled appointment time.

Doctor Checking a Form

2. Download, print, and fill out the required new patient forms. Please bring these to your first visit. These forms are crucial to obtain your background medical information, consent to treat, understand office policies, and abide by HIPAA practices.

Doctor with Files

3. Before leaving to visit us ensure you have your:

A. New patient paperwork
B. Insurance card and proof of identity. Please also bring insurance cards of any secondary insurances you may have.
C. All pertaining medical records of interest include prior consultations, previous brain images including CT scans, MRI brain and neck scans, and recent labs.
D. Form of acceptable payment (cash or credit card) for insurance co-pays. All payments are due at time of service.

Chart & Stethoscope
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